Wanting to know more about yourself. Well these episodes are podcasts that we do almost every week to help people connect with themselves from a very basic level. There is no theory attached. They are all from grass roots level of our understanding. You can gain insight into how you behave and how you can change any negative behaviour you think you may have or that you don’t know about. Most episodes are about 20-30 minutes long.

Just click on any of the names and it will connect you that episode. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me at ballinderrypsychotherapy@gmail.com and please pass it on to anyone that you feel might benefit from them

Holding Healthy Boundaries


Christmas special 2022


Can too much happiness be healthy?

Pretending or Masking

Listening to your Inner Voice


Attention Seeking Behaviour


Anticipatory Grief

Breaking Point

Rudeness, Meanness and disrespectful behaviour

Music and how it can effect us

Blind Spots within



Emotional Overload

Busy minds and bodies

Compulsive Eating

Alexithymia – not connecting with my emotions

Faith & Religion and what does it mean for me

Decision Making

Why we act out of character in certain situations

Giving Can Hurt

Words and how we use them

Emotional Immaturity

Age Regression and the Inner Child

Emotions and how they can work


Frustration and Irritation with Illness concluded

Frustration and Irritation with illness

Changing Society through My Own Behaviour

New Year Special 2021

Christmas Special 2021

Reputation is it worth it?

Family Dynamics part 2

Family Dynamics


Changing Our Behaviour

Recharging Self Batteries

Social Media and boy can it hurt


Having a Purpose or Meaning in Life

A New Start

Victim Mentality


Individuation, Irritability and Emptiness

Family of Origin

Power and do you have any

Histrionic Personality Disorder & Power (part 1)

Hoarding and Hypocondria


Identity Crisis or Just Identity question

Self-Awareness and why it’s important

Dependent Personality Disorder or DPD

Emotional & Psychological Trauma including Trauma Bonding


Personality Types: The Thinker & The Supporter (or philosopher)

Personality Types: The Director & The Socialist

Self-Centeredness – “Being it or Meeting it”

Being Judgmental

Being Assertive

The Defender Personality


The Narcissist

A Closed Mind

Inner Voice Part 3 Conclusion

Inner Voice Part 2

Inner Voice Part 1


Toxic Relationships

Valentine’s day – A Day of Wine & Roses

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Dreams & Nightmares

New Year Special 2020

2020 Christmas Special

Spirituality & Psychotherapy

Procrastination and Motivation

Negative Thoughts

Abandonment & Stress

Ancestral Roots & Healing

Fear of Failure

Eating Disorders





Self Image & Self Awareness

Trust, Mistrust and Distrust

Insecurity and Inferiority

Self-respect vs Self-esteem

Confidence – Low self esteem




A little look at Sadness

Anger and it’s behaviour in our lives

Fear and Anger

Physical Abuse into Adulthood

Emotional/Psychological abuse from childhood into adulthood

Inner Child Concluded…..Abuses in Childhood effects Adulthood

Inner Child Continued

The Inner Child

Psychotherapy and what it contains from a grass roots view