Maria Moran

Seminar with Maria Moran

Womb Twin

Saturday April 22nd 2017

10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Womb twin survivors (or lone twins) are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy.

Fact:   One person in ten is a womb twin survivor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    but many people do not realise it!

This workshop will be of interest to:

  • Womb Twin Survivors (& their families)
  • Those who wonder if this may be their story
  • Interested professionals

The day will provide a safe and supportive space to explore, reflect and learn. There will be opportunity for you to share your experience, whether this is a known truth of your life experience or a possibility for yourself or those you support in your professional capacity.

We will take time to hear about the reality of living as a womb-twin survivor and exploring the psychological effects. The impact on how the world is experienced depends on the individuals awareness (or not) of this early trauma. Finally the healing journey (that leads to a new freedom for living more fully and confidently) will be described and discussed.

Symptoms commonly described by womb-twin survivors include the following: sense of abandonment, sadness, feeling different, not belonging, unfounded guilt or fear, searching for something unknown, not reaching my potential, sensitive, intuitive, caring, hard-working etc.. For further exploration go to:

Follow link for information on this seminar :  Womb-Twin-Survivor-Flyer-2017

Cost is €60 (includes light lunch. Tea/Coffee breaks)



Seminar with Siobhan Brady

Wisdom of Angels

Saturday May 20th 2017

From 10.00 am – 5.00 pm (approx)

This is a wonderful workshop designed to bring you to a deeper connection with the Angels.  These wonderful heavenly beings are all around us, waiting to connect with us and help us in every way in our daily lives.   The workshop will allow you to receive healing, guidance and direction as you enjoy relaxing meditations written especially for the day coming directly from your Angels.

Cost is €60 (includes light lunch. Tea/Coffee breaks)


Kathleen Duffy photo 2

Seminar with Kathleen Duffy

Wisdom of Dreams

Saturday August 26th 2017

From 10.00 am – 4.30 (approx)

Kathleen’s seminar will;

  • Introduce you to the language of the dream, which is that of symbol, myth, ritual,        imagination and story.
  • Explore some of the major Archetypes of the psyche.
  • Teach you how to discern when to take dream wisdom literally or symbolically.
  • Work with why we have recurring dreams, and what happens when we ignore them and they turn into nightmares.
  • Examine the difference between personal and universal symbols.
  • Show you how to befriend the unconscious, and listen to, record, and work with dream wisdom in order to benefit from this guidance in everyday life.

Follow link for further information         An experiential workshop with Kathleen Duffy

Cost is €60 (includes light lunch. Tea/Coffee breaks)


Seminar with Maria Moran

Family Tree Healing

Saturday October 21st 2017

Details to follow

Cost is €60 (includes light lunch. Tea/Coffee breaks)